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Given below is a list of new and innovative projects that can be actively considered by entrepreneurs. Some of the projects are relatively new to India but well established world-over. There is a growing demand for such new technologies and products. Most of the projects involve high technology level, have clean manufacturing process, are non-polluting and carbon positive, have very low labour requirement and attractive project pay-back periods. 

A) Recycling of waste Tyres into Reclaimed Rubber (used to partly replace virgin rubber in products such as automotive tyre, bicycle tyre & tube, tyre re-treading material, conveyor belting, footwear etc.). Manufacture of special grade reclaimed rubber like High Tensile reclaim, Butyl reclaim, EPDM reclaim, NBR reclaim etc.

B) Recycling of post consumer Waste PET Bottles

1) Recycling of Waste PET Bottles into Re-generated Polyester Staple Fiber used in production of Polyester Yarn, Fiber Fill, Non-woven Textiles (exhibition carpets, carpet backing, automotive insulation, filtration fabric, geo-textiles etc.)
2)  Recycled PET (rPET) pellets which are used to partially or completely replace Virgin PET resin in applications such as non-food packaging applications (bottles & containers, clear rigid sheet for thermoformed packaging), Strapping Tape etc. Solid state poly-condensation and crystallization is carried out to increase polymer intrinsic viscosity for demanding applications requiring higher physical properties.
3) Value added products like extruded Clear Rigid Sheet for Thermoformed Packaging (electronics, cosmetics, bakery etc.), Strapping Tape, Non-food contact Bottles & Containers (shampoo, hair oil, detergent, hand-wash, cleaning fluid etc.) 
4) Recycled Polyester Filament Yarn (also known as polyester oriented yarn –POY) and Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) from waste PET bottle flakes. 
5) Bottle grade PET Resin (US FDA approved) from waste PET Bottles

C) Wood - Plastic Composite (WPC) Materials
Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) is a combination of low cost cellulosic filler (like wood flour, rice husk, bagasse, bamboo etc) and thermoplastics (like HDPE, PVC, PP etc.) that provide number of advantages over conventional wooden products and plywood.

1) Wood - PVC Foamed Celuka Board (high performance furniture board) 
2) Wood - PVC Extruded Door Board & Door Frame
3)  Wood - PVC Extruded Profiles like decorative wall panel, skirting, home & office partition 
4) Wood - HDPE Composite (outdoor decking, wall panel, railing, fencing, pallets etc.)
5) Injection Moulded WPC products made of Bamboo Fiber, Bagasse fiber reinforced plastics (tableware, kitchenware, home appliance parts, automotive indoor trims, toys, containers, rigid packaging etc.)

D)   Specialty PVC based building & construction products

1) PVC Co-extruded Foamed Board (used in furniture cabinets, wall cladding & partitions, signage boards, indoor & outdoor decoration)
2)  PVC Foamed Board with Integral Skin (usage as above)
3)  Three Layer Co-extruded Rigid PVC Roofing Sheet (much lower weight than Galvalume or Galvanized Steel leading to lower structural cost, no rust or corrosion, longer life, no fading of colour, high impact strength etc.)
4) Chlorinated PVC (C-PVC) pipes for plumbing (hot / cold) water pipes, long life water supply pipes, industrial pipes.
5) Synthetic Marble or PVC Imitation Marble (an environment friendly, light weight and lower cost substitute for marble tiles & moulding)  
6)  PVC Siding / Wall Panel / Wall Partition with decorative surface designs
7)  PVC Edge-banding and Veneer for furniture lamination 

E)   Flexible Packaging Films (high growth area)

1) Multilayer Co-extruded Blown films (3 layer polyolefin based) used for food packaging, shrink collation film, stretch hood film, surface protection film, agricultural film, medical packaging, Lidding films, cling film etc.   
2) Multilayer Co-extruded Blown films (5 layer barrier film) incorporate a Nylon or EVOH barrier layer in the middle. Typical construction is LDPE / Tie / Nylon or EVOH / Tie / LDPE. Nylon and EVOH barriers highly reduce transmission of oxygen and moisture through the package thus protecting the perishable food products from deterioration and increasing their shelf life. Main end applications include Edible Oil pouch, Pure Ghee pouch, Meat / Fish / Dairy products, Basmati Rice, Sauce, Condiments, Spices etc.
3) Multilayer co-extruded BOPP films used in packaging (snack food, candy wraps, cigarette box wrap etc.)
4)  Multilayer laminated films used in flexible packaging of food using LDPE, LLDPE, PET, BOPET, PP, BOPP, Aluminum Foil, Paper (Lamination can be with solvent or by solvent – less process)

F)   Specialty Polymer Products & Projects

1) EVA Hollow Coil Mattress Core and Cushion material (3D interconnected structure provides natural spring action, high level of support and flexibility, high degree of breathability, can be washed, mite / rot / fungus / bacteria proof, 100% recyclable)
2) EVA Encapsulation Film used in Solar PV modules, PET Back-layer & PVB Interlayer Film used in Laminated Glass (automotive, architectural etc.)
3) Synthetic Paper made from PP & Calcium Carbonate (water, tear & insect resistant; eco-friendly  as compared to pulp based paper - saves forest resources, waste water and no effluent produced) 
4) Flexible, Transparent & Sterilized Infusion Bags / Pouches made of PVC / PP / TPE used in medical field (For large nos. Gamma Irradiation sterilization is used while for smaller nos. dry / wet steam is used)
5) PVC - O (Oriented PVC) pressure pipes based on western technology
6)  PVC / TPO Roofing Membrane for heat reflection & waterproofing
7)      Single Step Injection - Stretch Blow Moulding of PET Containers and Bottles thereby increasing productivity and greatly reducing production time, energy and tooling cost.
8)       High Density Paper Composite – made form waste / recycled paper and Thermoset resins used for making end products like Kitchen Countertops, Sink, Bathtub, Tiles etc.
9) PE Air Bubble Film (2, 3 & 7) layers - laminated with paper for e-commerce packaging
10) Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Film for substrate (base) and coverlay (PET, PEN, Polyimide)
11) Flexible PVC / TPO flooring sheet (marble / wood effect) & Waterproofing Sheet for roof
12) Plastic Geo-cell and Geo-nets for building and construction sector
13)      Coal Fly-ash Thermoplastic (PP, HDPE, PU) Composites
14) Bio based plasticizer made form castor oil to replace phthalate plasticizers

G) Recycling of Commodity and Engineering Plastics

See our website page on Recycling and Bioplastics

H) Bio based additives, Bio-plastics and Bio-degradable plastics

See our website page on Recycling and Bioplastics

I) Projects in Rubber Field

1) Automotive Tyre – Truck, Light Truck, Motorcycle, Scooter, Three Wheeler, Small Commercial Vehicle (cross-ply tyres). Improvement in Rolling Resistance.
2) Bicycle Tyre & Tube
3) Rubber covered Industrial Rolls (used in paper, textile, steel, printing industry)
4) Coated Fabric with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE / TPV) for Flexible Luggage, Rainwear, Inflated Boats etc.
5) Air Spring (Rubber bellow for air suspension) used in Bus, Truck, Metro Trains, Railway etc.
6) Bridge Bearing Pad / Seismic Isolation Pad
7) Special Auto components based on high performing Elastomer / polymer

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